Currently available in India & United Arab Emirates


At GAT Sport, we strive to bring the highest quality supplements to our customers and are committed to ensure your purchase is an authentic GAT Sport product. To prevent counterfeit purchases we are introducing new security measures to authenticate GAT Sport products.

This includes a new hologram label affixed to the cap of every bottle, as well as a unique QR Code and matching image mark to identify every bottle. On the back on the label there is a unique QR Code with a distinct electronic image. For security purposes, each QG code and identifier image is different and is used to authenticate each bottle with a cell phone QR Reader.


How to Verify

1. Check the bottle

New labels have a hologram attachment at the seal and a unique QR Code with a guilloche image on the back of every label.


2. Authenticate your Product

Using a Smart Phone QR Reader App, scan the QR Code on the back of your bottle. Each QR Code contains a unique numeric Authentication Code. Once scanned, the QR Reader will re-direct you to the GAT Sport Authentication portal at (include URL here).

3. Verify

At the GAT Sport Authentication portal press the ‘Authenticate Product’ button. The Portal will then verify your bottle and return a message confirming the authenticity of your product.

Authenticate GAT